BIDDING HAS NOW CLOSED.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!  Winners will be contacted today via email for payment and delivery of items.  Button

100% of all proceeds will go to benefit the Snow Sisters Adoption.

We still are trying to raise $9,500 for the Snows Adoption, you can simply give a donation on their blog site through Chip In.

Bids made outside of these timelines will not be accepted or counted. All bids will be counted based upon the time that emails are received. We will post the current bid for each item. The final and highest bidder wins the item.

All bidders should be ready to include shipping and handling if an item needs to be shipped. Checks should be made payable to Brian Snow and should include the cost of shipping items. The exact amount for shipping will be emailed to you so that you will know how much to include.

Payments for items should be promptly take care of upon the closing of the auction.

To learn more about the Snow Family and their adoption story, or to donate,
please visit their blogsite at: